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  1. The physical (non-digital) CD and other non-digital items. Payment method for ordering these items is PayPal. If you encounter any problems or you do not want to use PayPal, please contact us with the contact form.
  2. Digital downloads. You can choose to download the mp3's directly at CDbaby by clicking on "buy album" in the players. You can also by it by clicking on the logo of iTunes, Bandcamp, or Amazon. 

Physical items

CD - //// (2016)


1. End?

2. Fight

3. Past

4. Sculpture

5. Ghost

6. Reset

7. Saint Noir

8. Lights

9. The Future

CD "////", 2016

€ 10,00

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Button - ////

€ 1,00

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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Digital downloads

In  music players below you can immediately buy the mp3 of the singles "Secrets" and  "Modern times" and you can pre-listen it. Click "Buy Album" or the shopping cart icon behind the song in the player to get our singles.

At BandCamp, iTunes and Amazon "Secrets" and  "Modern Times" are also available, as they are at Deezer, Tidal etc. You can click on the icons below if you wish to use  BandCamp, iTunes or Amazon. "Secrets" and "Modern Times" are available on all Amazon-sites, not just the one in the link.

Digital single (mp3): Changing Places (2020)



Digital single (mp3): Secrets (2019)



Digital single (mp3):  Modern Times (2017)



Digital album (mp3):  //// (2016)